Cosmetics Data Base

Yesterday I mentioned that having a daughter has caused me to evaluate what kind of chemicals I am putting in my body and hers. 

It isn’t that I don’t care what I put in my son’s body but have you noticed how many girls are reaching puberty at an early age?

I think there are a lot of factors that play into this: unhealthy food, hormone laden meat and dairy products, chemicals in the water and in our food, just to name a few. 

When I began really thinking about this issue, around the time Abby began eating table food, I decided to do some research.  One of the resources I found is called “Gorgeously Green.”

The author Sophie Ursula states,

“Women like me tend to be more interested in their compact than their compost.  We never forget a hair appointment yet always forget our reuseable shopping tote. ” (p. xv)

I had to laugh when I read those two sentences.  I have been slow to this environmental movement thing to be quite honest.  In my opinion it has become a religion for a group of people out there.  I like my make up, my nail polish my (ahem) hair coloring.

But, like most people I get it that, all the garbage we create for instance, has to go somewhere.  I am not in denial that Georgia now has a water shortage problem that will be back in the headlines with the next drought. For an earth with an ever-increasing population, we have some problems that aren’t going to go away. 

Spending some time in a rural South African village in 1996, I saw for myself how there truly are people out there who have dirty, unhealthy water as their only drinking water resource.  (Rain water storage tanks were being built there to try to alleviate the problem.)

And how scary is it when you just got done feeding your kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the umpteenth time, only to find out peanut butter is being recalled in all forms because of  bacteria at the peanut plant?

I had a “duh” moment when my husband pointed out to me a couple of years ago that our skin is our biggest organ.  Everything we put on our bodies is being absorbed.  That’s the reason we put on moisturizer, right?  So our skin won’t be dry anymore?

When Abby came into the world I wondered at the importance of putting organic ingredients on my skin.  I mean, I put minute amounts of foundation on my face, mascara on my eyelashes, eyeshadow on my eyes.  How bad could it be?  The products on the pharmacy shelves haven’t been banned by the FDA so how bad could they be?

Sophie Ursula points out in “Gorgeously Green” that the products in our household cleaning arsenal, medicines, make up, skin cleansers, skin care, hair coloring nail polish, etc. (not to mention in our food and water) accumulate day after day, year after year in our bodies.  We have systems in our bodies to clean this stuff out but not to take the full on assault that we have occurring in this day and age.

Sure the fumes from the bathroom cleaner that you happen to breathe in your lungs every time you clean may not kill you (although I’m pretty sure you are not supposed to be in an enclosed room when using that stuff) but over time, along with everything else your body is receiving through food, water, body products, air pollution, etc.  it is placing some significant stress on your body.

Maybe that’s why there is so much cancer these days?  You may not believe that but why not be conservative and use some preventative action just in case it is true?

Personally I am convicted that I need to make some effort to slow the assault on my body and on those of my family.  I am slowly making changes and learning how to fit natural, organic products into my budget, on our pantry shelves, in our medicine cabinet, and in our cleaning arsenal.  It is more doable than you might think.

The best thing you can do before you make some changes is to begin to educate yourself as to what the products you use every day are made of.  Yesterday I encouraged you to read labels on the products in your pantry.  Today start reading labels on your face and body products.  Do you understand what all the words mean?

Through “Gorgeously Green” I found the website Cosmetics Data Base.  it is a resource for finding out where your face and body products fall in the spectrum of “hazardous”.  It also gives you definitions for those big words on the box that nobody can pronounce.

Give it a look.  It may inspire another New Year’s resolution. 🙂


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