Mondays can be hard can’t they?

I’m sure as the holidays are approaching you have more packed into your days and weekends: some of it is holiday events and some of it is extra chores.

Either way, by Monday you might feel a little more tired and unmotivated than usual.  Another reason fitness falls off of the “to-do” list at this time of year.

What can you do to make fitness happen this holiday season?

Roll out of your bed and put on your fitness clothes.

It doesn’t matter if you absolutely have to make lunches, feed the kids breakfast, drive the kids to school, drop clothes off at the dry cleaners and go to the grocery store first.

Get those clothes on because you are much more likely to exercise if the clothes are already on our body.  You have one less excuse not to do it.  They are a physical reminder that you need to work out today- even if it is parking at the end of Target’s parking lot rather than finding a spot at the front.  (And if you do that you won’t be stressed out by trying to beat the other cars to the best spots.)

If you can’t put the clothes on because it your boss would rather you not wear spandex and a fleece to work, do the next best thing.  Pack up your fitness clothes in a bag and put it in your car the night before.  Bring the bag into work, place it next to your desk, and change in the bathroom on your way out.  Again, if the clothes are already on your body, you could pass by a playground or a school track and not have the excuse, “there’s nowhere to change.”

Give it a try.  Tell us how it goes.  You can do it!



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