Have a Great Weekend: Do Something Active!

Today, I’m supposed to do some heavier cleaning.  What can I do to make this more active:

1) Time myself- How fast can I get the bathrooms cleaned today?  I’ll turn on my timer and see.  This forces me to move faster and get my hear rate up.

2) Turn on the music- The music riles everyone up in this house.  Inevitably, Abby will say,”dance with me ,Mommy!”  She and I will be hopping up and down and spinning circles for  a good ten minutes.

3) Get on your hands and knees and clean the floor with a rag.  Now that’s a workout for your arms!

4) Balance on one leg while cleaning the stove top.  You may think I’m crazy but any type of balancing exercise works the core and uses small muscles in your legs, helping define them even more.  Think back to movements you did in ballet class or have seen dancers use.

6) Jog up the stairs with the laundry and then when you are done putting the clothes away, jog back.

7) Do calf raises as you dust.  While reaching for higher spots, get up on your toes, with a straight leg (don’t lock your knee) hold, and come back down, repeat a couple of times. 

Be mindful this weekend.  What do you do already that you can turn into exercise? 

Have a great weekend!


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