Time Management and Grace

This morning I woke up earlier than scheduled.  It was just one more change in a long weekend of the unexpected.

I had to laugh at myself because here I am trying to follow a new schedule and tell you about how it is working for me, and one thing after another has come along to “mess it up”.

The whole weekend was a change from the normal because my husband had really been away since Thursday. Packing took up one day and then he worked a double shift on Friday. Michael left for the marathon Saturday morning.  On Monday Michael went right from the airport to work.  Not our typical weekend.

On Friday night and Saturday, Noah was hit hard with a head cold.  Saturday I was overloaded trying to play catch up so I could begin my “new schedule” on Sunday.  It left me beat up and it wasn’t any wonder that I was hit by the head cold on Sunday. 

On Monday, I still felt bad and I didn’t feel that I should take my germy family to the gym or Cub Scouts.  Another change in the schedule.

This is life isn’t it? 

But this is where grace appears if you look for it.

Grace was when I bought two games intended for use at Thanksgiving and had the presence of mind this weekend to open them up ahead of time.  Suddenly we had something fresh and fun to play with during family time on Saturday night and Sunday.

Grace showed itself when Michael left gifts for each one of us when he left Saturday morning: an electric blanket for me (felt great on my sick body Sunday morning), Toy Story 3 for Abby (gave her something to do Sunday morning while Noah and I watched the marathon), and a new toy for Noah ( something that kept him occupied throughout the weekend).

Grace appeared when my babysitter said “yes” when I called her up on short notice so I could have some “me” time Sunday afternoon.

Again, there was grace when my friend said ‘”yes” to coffee, granting me an even deeper rejuvenation that comes when you share laughs and your heart with a friend.

Because we didn’t attend Cub Scouts or go to the gym on Monday, I decided to fit in exercise a different way.  I jogged while pushing Abby in the stroller through our neighborhood while Noah road his bike.  It was a gorgeous day!  We stopped at the waterfall on the way to the reservoir.  We collected seeds, rolled down the hill, swung on the swings, sang some songs, laid on the ground and looked at the sky.  Grace showed up in a surprise, beautiful afternoon making memories with my kids. 

And then, this morning, grace was poured out when I woke up early, allowing me to get ahead on my blog so I could have a little more time to spend with Michael this afternoon, listening to his stories about the race…

This is what I come away with:

We schedule because we need to have direction and purpose.  God has a plan for my life and I want to do the best job I can to make myself available to Him. 

Life plays a part by coming along and sprinkling -okay, at times, downpouring-  on us with interruptions and necessary changes.

But this is no surprise to Him either.

His grace comes in and blends my purpose and direction with the colors of circumstances, events, and last-minute changes and then we have what we call living.

And the living is beautiful. 

Time management has a purpose.   I can see all the more clearly in these past couple of days that one of those purposes was to show me where God’s grace came in and brought the Divine into my earthly plans.  I wouldn’t have seen that if I hadn’t known what I needed in the first place.

I hope that what I’ve said makes sense.  I hope if you are frustrated by an overwhelming, over committed life that you will take some time to make a schedule.  And if you feel you don’t want to because every time you make one “life happens”…. don’t be discouraged.  That’s not a reason to throw time management out the door.  Our schedules just give us another lens through which we can see how God has been active all the time, providing what we need and what we didn’t even know we needed.

Don’t be discouraged, keep going, keep living! 



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jenn on November 10, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    Love it!I know that God is constantly pouring his grace on us, but how beautiful to really see each and every point of grace in your day!



  2. Thanks Jenn! Every day I ‘m seeing it….pretty neat!


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