Sack Races-In the House

Remember sack races?

Yesterday, our curriculum included an activity in which the kids had to reenact Lazarus being raised from the dead using pillowcases.  I had to read the story and then call out different body parts to emerge from the pillowcases. 

It only took a couple of minutes which was enough time for Noah to figure out that he and Abby could race around the kitchen and den in the pillowcases.  Abby was game, so off they went panting, giggling, falling all over themselves and each other.  It was great! 

And guess what?  They wanted to do it again today!  (Surprised? 🙂 )

It was lots of fun and brought back memories of being a kid.   I jumped along with them in my own imaginary sack. 

Kids games are such good sources of exercise, aren’t they?

Give it a go!  Try it at your house this week.  I bet it will bring back memories for you!


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