Tell Your Time: A Glimpse Into Our Day to Day Schedule

I love the name of  Blogging With Amy’s  e-book “Tell Your Time”.  

The concept of you telling your time what to do rather than time running away from you, really resonates with me.

I find it appealing because the only master I want to have in my life is the Master, God Himself.

I spent some time over the weekend reviewing my roles in life, as Amy encourages in her book.  I listed the activities that fall under each role. 

For example, as a  homeschool mom one of my roles is “teacher”.  That means that in each day, approximately 41/2 or more hours (or envelopes of time, using the money management model) are filled with the instruction and guidance involved in teaching.  I must be completely focused on my children’s education in that time. 

Another example is that I am “household manager”.  This involves cleaning, meal planning and prep, laundry, etc.  Each day has to have hours designated to getting those jobs accomplished.

Over the weekend I came up with a schedule for my week that should allow me to accomplish the activities that my various roles entail:

6-6:45  Soul Care (bible study and breakfast for me, get my clothes on) 

6:45-7:30 Morning Routine (breakfast for kids, load of laundry started, clothes on kids and first chores completed)

7:30-12 School (Bible and subjects, “recess” and snack)

12-1:30 lunch prep. and eat as a family (this is our dinner b/c Michael works in evening)

1:30-2:30 Quiet Time for kids/ time with Michael (before he goes to work)

2:30-3:30 Noah chores, Abby playtime, blog time for me

3:30-4:30 snack and free play (spend focused time with kids)

4:30 -7:30  Monday, Wednesday, Friday we go to the gym at this point, have sandwiches while we are out and hit one grocery store or the drugstore

4:30-7:30 Tuesday, Thursday I do light cleaning, dinner at home and anything that was unfinished from earlier in the day

7:30-8:30 bed prep (bath, pjs, read to kids, devotions and prayer)

8:30-10:00 Personal Night Routine (prep house for next day, make a list, bathe, pjs, read)

I have a slightly different schedule on the weekends.  Saturdays are heavier cleaning, exercise at the clubhouse, and an afternoon of planning (four weeks of school, exercise routine for the month, family calendar of events and appointments, and time on blog development).  I also meal plan for the next week, make a grocery list and coupon.  This is the heaviest day and may need some tweaking.

On Sunday, I will take it easy in the morning, attend church, have family meeting (talk about the upcoming week and pray together.)  Two Sundays I will spend two hours on a date with one of my kids, the third by myself, and the fourth on an extended date night out with my husband.  Every Sunday night the plan is to put the kids in bed early and have a date night in with my husband.

This isn’t the greatest month to begin this schedule because Michael’s work schedule may not always cooperate (due to heavy holiday traffic at the restaurant), but it is a start.

I shared the above schedule to show you how I am “telling my time”.  In each day I should attend to my roles as self, wife, mother, teacher, household manager, and blogger.  I know “where I am going” and each day I have a “way of getting there.”

If I find that this schedule is still too tight I will have to revisit and make the “hard choices” between “good” and “best” that Amy discusses in “Tell Your Time:How To Manage Your Schedule So You Can Live Fulfilled”.  If you haven’t purchased her e-book and think that it might help you, click on the picture below and it will take you to her page.

I hope this post helps you get a little closer to managing your life so you can feel fulfilled!


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