Envelopes of Time

“Envelopes of Time” is a brilliant concept that Amy from Blogging With Amy talks about as time-saving “Principle #1” in her e-book “Tell Your Time: How to Manage Your Schedule So You Can Live Fulfilled”.  You can buy her e-book for $9 using the discount code BornInAfrica by clicking here:

Last Friday we asked ourselves two questions:

1)Am I where I want to be?

2)Am I headed there?

I hope you had a couple of minutes over the weekend to think about what your answers might be to those questions. 

The next question Amy asks is, “why do our goals so often go unrealized?”  She does a terrific job of describing the pitfalls so common to us and hits us square in the eyes as to what we are lacking and yet can fix. 

One of the suggestions Amy has as time management principle #1 is “Envelopes of Time”.  She discusses this principle in-depth here on The Money Saving Mom (you may have to scroll down a little to find it). 

In summary, you can compare the hours in your day to the envelope system suggested by financial experts such as Dave Ramsey.  Everyone has 24 hours(envelopes) of time.  You are in control of what you fill them with.  Time does not control you.  You control time.

Then Amy encourages readers to decide what their roles are in life, what activities those roles entail, and asks you to divvy them up amongst the hours you have available to you. 

 And there lies the rub.  You know you only have 24 hours in each day.  Which activities are going to stay and which are going to have to go- no matter how “good” they may seem.

This e-book is so good.

I am now in the part where I am following her directions for making a schedule.  I would share those details but until she puts them somewhere public, like the Money Saving Mom blog, I feel like I should honor the work she put into this e-book by not giving it all away.

Like I said, you can use the link above to purchase the e-book which is discounted at $9 if you use the code BornInAfrica.   I am an affiliate so I will receive a small payment with purchases made through my link.  However, my plan is to use that income to better my blog….and it could sure use some work!

If Amy shares more, I will be happy to link you up and then discuss it here.  It has been a blessing to me and I think is going to get me through a scheduling rough patch.  What are you waiting for?  It’s worth a try! 🙂


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