Out of the Box Locations for Exercise

Where are the places you go or can be found in one week?




4) soccer field

5)shopping center

6)parking lot of your kid’s piano, dance, SAT practice

I want you start thinking about the places you find yourself in a week.  Do you know that just about any location can be made into a gym with a little imagination and motivation?

My neighbor told me that it occurred to her that she could raise her heart rate just by going up and down her stairs for 10 minutes.  Voila- the beginnings of a cardio routine.

Do you have a driveway?   What if you did sprints for ten minutes back and forth from top to bottom? 

How about a backyard?  I have a fenced backyard.  One night when my car was in the shop, Michael was at work with the other car, and I felt the desire to exercise, I made a course out of the perimeter of my backyard.  I carried weights in my hands while I ran around the perimeter.  Then I did a shuffling exercise that involves picking up weights, for a couple of minutes.  Within 20 minutes I was panting.

One of our local playgrounds has a track on which the kids can ride their bikes, scooters, big wheels.  I’ve pushed Abby around that track numerous times, jogging and walking behind her stroller.  They also have equipment that can be turned into an outdoor gym.  (I’ll show you how to do that in January.)

Have you ever seen senior citizens walking around the mall in their sneakers?  Why can’t other people do that too?

I’ve also seen local seniors use strip malls, such as the local Target center, as a track.

Speaking of tracks….what about your local high school track?  Our local Atlanta Southside Runners gets together at a local track to do training runs.  There is a park in front of a local elementary school (Pates Creek) that is a field where people can be found walking all the time.  Why not walk and then spread a towel (or yoga mat down) and lift some weights?

If your neighborhood isn’t conducive to walking or running why not drive to another one that has sidewalks?  It would be a change of scenery that might keep things interesting.  Change the neighborhood each week.

 Do you know someone who owns a piece of exercise equipment such as a treadmill or exercise bike?  Offer to watch her kids while she uses it in exchange for a chance to use it too.

If you don’t know someone with equipment but have a friend who wants to get fit too, why don’t you switch off each other’s homes and use workout videos together.  Switching child care duty could work here again, especially if there are little ones involved who need a lot of supervision.

I’ll continue to blog about “out of the box” exercise locations, but I hope the ones I mentioned will get you started.  Think about it and share your ideas here.  You may just motivate someone.


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