Works For Me Wednesday-Sugar of the Day

Planning Our “Sugar of the Day”

Our family practices something called “sugar of the day”.  

I don’t believe in deprivation.  I believe in eating healthfully most of the time. I don’t want my kids to think that food is the enemy. 

I want them to  know that food is good.  It is one of many ways to receive pleasure.  So is a good massage, a board game played with friends, a family fun day somewhere special, a stumbled upon hour of reading a good book…..

I have learned that like any pleasurable experience, I can plan a yummy food experience into my day.  When another not so healthy food comes my way I can more easily say to myself, “Nope.  I’ll pass.  This afternoon when my kids are playing outside in the driveway and I can actually get a couple of minutes to sit down and rest, I will eat_____ and ENJOY it.  I won’t shove it in my mouth without any thought.  I’ll think about how it tastes and savor it.  It will be a pleasure instead of a rush.”  And then I find it easy to pass over that food.  I have given myself permission to say “yes” later.

I let my kids decide (for the most part, no sugar upon waking) when they will get their “sugar of the day” Once they have it, there won’t be another one until the next day.  

And as I think I mentioned in another post, I am slowly weeding out the other foods they eat in a day that have added sugar so that “sugar of the day” is truly the only one.  We aren’t there yet completely but I’m paying attention now and we are a fit family making progress. 

And believe me, my kids really  enjoy that sugar of the day.  🙂


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