Exercise Equipment On the Cheap

A great workout can be had with very little equipment.   The month of November is the usually the last of yard sale season and yard sales are a great resource for gently used exercise equipment.  In the next couple Saturdays stop at a couple and look for the following.  (I will be incorporating them in our workouts.) 

exercise bands: These come in varying thickness and have handles on the end for you to grip.

stability ball: Used a lot in core conditioning programs.  The size you use is determined by your height.

hand weights

yoga mat: Since we will be using many different locations to exercise, it can be nice to have a little something to be between you and the ants on the mulch on the playground.  Towels can work but most natural surfaces are made of well compacted, lumpy dirt that hurts the knees.

medicine ball: This looks like a playground ball from elementary school class except it is weighted.  They come in 2lbs, 4lbs, 6lbs, and so on.

Fitness journal:  I use a simple weekly day planner.  This way I can see the week ahead and there are enough lines on which to write.  I will look for pages you can print up and put in a three-ring binder in case anyone is interested in this.

Exercise videos:  There will be days when it is raining and you can’t get outside, when you just need to do something “different”, when your kids are sick and you can’t leave the house.  It is good to have a library from which to draw.

If you can’t find the above tools, than also try Craigslist.  If money is really tight, you could invest in these tools with a friend and share them.  You could rotate houses and take care of one another’s kids as the other person exercises.

Heads Up:  Come the end of December, stores will be putting all of these items on sale in anticipation of fitness New Year’s resolutions.  There really isn’t any reason to pay full price.  Look out for coupons on Target’s website.  I have found $5 off coupons for C9 exercise clothes there before and anticipate that they will be posted on Target’s coupon page sometime toward the end of December.  Print and hold onto them so you can match them up to the sales.   Day planners usually go on sale right away too. 

I promised you I wouldn’t waste your money.  I know these work and I own them myself.  I plan on incorporating them in the workouts I develop for you come January, so get ready! 

Tell us about the deals you find!  We can work together to make fitness happen for a lifetime.


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