Triceps/Biceps: My Workout For Today

Cardio today will include about 15 minutes on the rowing machine.  The other 15 minutes will be on the treadmill or the elliptical.  The rowing machine is a great way to strengthen your core while raising your heart rate.

Biceps: 3 sets of hammer curls 12-15 reps

                3 sets of supported (on the preacher bench) bicep curls where the top of the fist is facing the ceiling.  12-15 reps. 

Triceps: 3 sets of tricep push ups 8-10 reps.  Put your body in push up position but hands are below your chest, closer together with thumbs and pointers making a diamond shape.  If this is too difficult, get on your knees rather than your toes.

                 3 sets of “skull crushers” 12-15 reps.  Lie back on bench, arms extended as though reaching to touch the ceiling. Bend elbows and slowly lower the dumbbells toward the back of your head, keeping elbows in.  Push them half way back up and then bring them back down. 

Do all these exercises with a controlled movement.  Bouncing, using momentum, moving fast might be easier, but it doesn’t make you stronger and can actually hurt you.

                 I will finish with some balancing exercises that I will describe in a future post.  I will record in my fitness journal whether or not I was able to complete my goals for the day, how difficult it was, and any notes for next week when I perform these exercises again.  (For example: next week do reps to exhaustion rather than limiting the number, or change the grip of my hand on the weight.  It is always my goal to keep my body guessing for maximum performance.) 

That’s it!  Feel free to post questions you have about these exercises.


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