Plans for the Blog

I did a lot of thinking over the weekend.  In fact, I was so overwhelmed with gratefulness to God for all that was on my mind about this blog, that I was in tears on the elliptical trainer Sunday.  (I wanted to eat lots of candy last night so I thought I would burn some calories and eat lightly that day so I could.)

It occurred to me while I was on the elliptical that I have been getting up out of bed in the morning, stopping at the gym after work when I really wanted to just go home, schlepped my kids through rain and cold days to the gym, all because of a drive deep within placed there by God Himself.

God doesn’t waste anything, ya know?  I wasn’t exercising, practicing self-control, learning new recipes, training myself to hear what my body craved, reading book after book on new exercises, philosophies of eating…..all for myself.  

God had a greater plan.

He wanted me to share with other women the tools, revelations, habits that have helped lead me to where I am and where I am headed.  My vision for this blog is simply this:

“Equipping women to achieve fitness and good health as they live their high-heeled lives.”

Here are some goals I have for the next two months of which I wanted to give you a heads up so you can anticipate them, give me feed back, and keep me accountable .  Here they are:

1)On the first week of each month I would like to tell you what my weight training routine will be for biceps,triceps, back, chest, shoulders, and legs.  I’ll also tell you what exercises I’ll be using to exercise my core and share ideas for fitting in cardio too.  I will try to explain how you could potentially adapt these to equipment found at some playgrounds and how they could be performed at home.  I will change these up at the beginning of each month so our bodies don’t plateau and you don’t get bored.

I would like to eventually include video clips of me performing these exercises to give you a helpful visual aid.  I would love for people to be able to bring these little video clips to the playground, the soccer field, the local high school track, on their web-connected cellphones.  But there is no reason why you couldn’t watch them at home, take notes in a fitness journal, and then take that journal to your backyard, driveway, or other  physical fitness destination and follow along.  I would like to start putting those video clips up by January, a time when a lot of people make fitness a New Year’s goal.  I’d like to aim high, so I’m putting that out there.

2)On the subject of January and New Year’s goals, I would like to kick off the new year with some fitness related giveaways.  The next two months I will be looking for items that I think will help motivate you.

3)In the next two months I would like to discuss the various elements that have helped me along my personal journey to fitness: time management, our relationship to eating and exercise, couponing resources (and my own personal ideas) that will allow you to make room in your grocery budget to incorporate healthy alternatives, recipes that include foods that we need more of such as vegetarian meals(which are easier on the wallet too), suggestions for tools that help you work out at home(fitness balls, exercise bands) and where you can get them, and an ever evolving list of resources to keep you excited about investing in your health.

I began discussing “Telling Your Time” last Friday and will continue that discussion on time management this week.  I will also begin discussing “French Women Don’t Get Fat”.  It is a fantastic book on our relationship to food and may be revolutionary to some of you in regards to how you view food.  Lastly, I will review the information found in Andrew Weil’s “Healthy Aging” which is a gold mine of information.

Lastly, I would just like to say that I will link to resources that I think are invaluable resources that deserve a spot on your bookshelf.  I won’t being repeating myself over and over with, “You have to buy this.  You have to buy that.” statements.  I appreciate our limited budgets.  You can depend on me to only encourage you to buy a product or book if I own it or have been full convinced that it is worthwhile.  I will always let you know if I have no experience with something.

That’s it.  Sorry this was such a long, business like post.  I want you to know I appreciate the time of everyone who reads this blog and that I don’t plan on wasting it now or in the future.

Thanks for reading fellow high heel wearers!


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