Michael Was On the Radio/Update on NYC Marathon

93.3 FM, otherwise known as “The Fish”, was inviting people to call in this morning to honor soldiers in the military.  My husband Michael called in to bring attention to the man who inspired his desire to raise funds for Hope For The Warriors.  They aired it!  Twice!

Everything-plane tickets, housing, schedule-is in place for the NYC marathon this coming weekend.  Michael will be leaving early Saturday morning and leaving NYC Monday morning.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to accompany him.  However he won’t be by himself.  His sister is going to stay with him and cheer for him from the sidelines.

If you are not familiar with Michael’s wight loss story, his personal goals, and the soldiers and their wives that motivated him to train for the NYC Marathon, you can click on the links above to find out.  My husband is an inspiration to me and to our family.  If you’ve ever thought it was impossible to make a change to your physical health, that perhaps it was too late or too hard to do anything “big”, then you will have your mind changed after reading his story.

If you are inspired as well by the Hope For the Warriors story, it isn’t too late to donate.  Our military has sacrificed so much for us and many of their personal stories are never heard.  Please take a little time during the end of this election season to remember the people who have and continue to fight for the freedoms that allow us to vote, speak freely, practice whatever faith we believe in, reach for the American dream….they are worth it.


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