What We Ate For Breakfast Today OR How We Resemble a Family of Hobbits

If you are familiar with Tolkien’s book “Lord of the Rings” (or have seen the movie), then you know that when the Hobbits begin on their journey they have to stop for “first breakfast, second breakfast, first lunch, second lunch…..”.  That’s a lot like how eating happens in the Clarke home.  We are really just a family of Hobbits.

 Today I woke up at 6am.  I love my coffee as most of you know but I can’t really drink  it on an empty stomach.  And I usually wake up hungry right away.  Trying to follow the lessons of “French Women Don’t Get Fat” ( more on that next week) I began my day by hydrating myself with a glass of water first.  (Somehow that already sounds a bit snooty to me.)

Anyway, first breakfast for me almost always includes a bowl of the following:

Kashi GoLean (red box) which is the “Naturally sweetened fiber twigs, soy protein grahams, and honey puff cereal” .  Okay I just laughed out loud because for all the time I’ve been eating it I never noticed the word “twigs” in the title!  That sounds awful!  But it is really not.  (Perhaps I should write them and suggest they come up with a better word.)

It has 13g of protein, 10g of fiber, and 1g of fat.   They advertise it as having as much protein as an egg. 

Now before you just laugh your head off and dismiss this post as “not my kind of breakfast”, let me tell you the rest of the story. 

I sprinkle  either a little of the Kashi purple box or the yellow box on top for a little sweetness.  Just a sprinkle.   The purple box is “Kashi Go Lean Crisp- Toasted Berry Crumble” and the yellow box is “Go Lean Crunch- Honey Almond Flax”. 

I used to eat either a bowl of the purple or the yellow on their own….they look healthy, have lots of protein and fiber….what’s not to like?   

But then I read the sugar content on the side panel:  12g of sugar.  That isn’t better than a lot of cereal out there.  

Not too long ago I really started reading labels on food packaging.  I had told my kids and myself that we would have one sugar a day.  This could be a candy, a fruit roll up, whatever.  But then I started reading the packages of the supposedly “healthy foods” we were eating (yogurt, bread, crackers, pancake mix, peanut butter, jelly, etc) and they all contained large quantities of sugar in them!  Wow!  We needed to decrease the sugar we were ingesting more than I thought.

So amongst other changes, I decided to buy the “red box” of Kashi which contains only 6g of sugar (still could be better) and gradually making it the larger quantity of the cereal in my bowl.  I’d like to do better than that because I do use Agave syrup in my coffee.

Sorry that was such a long story.

To move things along, I use Silk Light Vanilla soymilk in my cereal.  Then I drink my coffee which is my absolute favorite ritual of the day (also promoted by the previously mentioned book-rituals that is).  I have raised my coffee ritual up a notch by preparing my coffee in a french press that we bought for a steal on special at Starbucks.com.  Making our regular food choices special is one important part of eating healthy.

Food in belly, coffee perking me up…I’m ready to dig into my Bible and journaling time.

Second breakfast at 9:30am: scrambled eggs with only one yoke (spooned out the other) and a dash of 2% organic milk, sprinkled with Herbs de Provence (can find this in the spice isle).  Herbs de Provence make eggs just a little different, a little fancier, keeping breakfast interesting.  I added one slice of 100% whole grain bread (whole wheat is not the same) topped with a little swipe of Dickinson’s pumpkin butter.  Delicious!

Are you surprised at how much I’ve eaten already?

What did you eat for breakfast today?


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