Ideas to Get You Moving This Weekend

Fall weather is such a blessing. 

Living in Georgia,  I am over the oppressive humidity by mid-September.  My husband reminds me that I will be complaining about the cold and longing for the warmth come January, but this doesn’t stop me from complaining.  In October though, the humidity usually breaks and the sky is a beautiful bright blue, highlighting the oranges, reds, and yellows of the changing leaves.  I’m compelled to go outside and move my body.

Today my husband will be completing his last long run before the NYC Marathon next Sunday.  This entails a couple of hours hoofing it on the roads of our surrounding towns.  Then he will leave around 2pm to drive up to his job. 

This leaves me with a couple of choices for fitting in fitness.  I could push Abby in the stroller around the neighborhood while Noah rides beside me on his bike, leave Abby with Michael after his run and take Noah for a run through the nature trails (we’ll be stopping a lot to look at the stream, the rock, the fallen tree, but it will create time to talk one on one and help me continue his training in fitness).   I can also play some games with the kids outdoors.

Our little Abby has inspired us to play outdoor childhood games together as a family which is another great form of exercise.  Perhaps you might want to get your family moving by playing one of the following games:

Ring Around the Rosie:  (Abby’s all time favorite) We change it up by varying speeds, jumping on one foot, skipping, whatever comes to mind

Duck, Duck Goose:  We have played this outside and inside the house.  Instead of just running around the circle when you are tagged, you might have to run through two rooms, or tag a nearby tree before you can come back to your spot.  The belly laughs as your kids slip and slide across linoleum or wood floors as they tear through rooms in terror at being tagged by their sibling is priceless.  Great memories are promised.

Red Light, Green Light:  Another oldie but goodie.  Make everyone stand really far back so they can run, hop, jog backwards as someone shouts, “Green Light, Red light!”

And don’t forget the many 5Ks held all across the country.  It sounds intimidating to a newbie but it is only around three miles long.  You could combine running and walking or walk the whole thing.  You can walk, pushing small children in a stroller, if need be.  5Ks often have Tot Trots which are a small distance sprint for the little ones.  These are terrific opportunities for memorable pictures.  5Ks are great opportunities for helping a cause you believe in as well.  The holidays are here and 5Ks are a teachable opportunity placed in your lap to get your kids helping others.  As a bonus they will exercise while doing it! 

Kids and adults alike enjoy fooling their bodies into exercising by making it fun.  These are just a couple of ideas that can get you headed to the goals that you are moving toward: family time, reaching out to your community, having a healthy body. 

And since Sunday is Halloween…..

  Over the years I have seen more and more parents sitting in idling cars while their kids trick or treat.  Why not try something different this year?

Remember the sheer joy of racing from house to house trying to get as much candy as you can in those few hours that come once a year to get free candy?  Join in!  I’m not saying you should carry a trick or treat bag too but why not race your kids to the next house or at least walk with them the whole night rather than sitting in the car.  Let’s be honest here: the kids are going to eat candy and you are going to have some too.  So why not burn some calories beforehand?

If your church’s Fall Festival is your destination of choice there will probably be inflatables, potato sack races, etc included.  Why not participate?  Who cares if the other adults laugh?  YOUR kids will always remember when mom and dad got on their level, laughed at themselves a little and goofed off.  The investment in your kids’ hearts are more important than what everyone else thinks of you.

And on the topic of eating candy, which is a part of both trick or treating and fall festivals, make a decision before the candy has passed the threshold of your house.  Are you going to let your kids have one night of eating candy and then toss, freeze, or giveaway the rest?   Or will you decide to give them one piece a day over the next couple weeks?  Could you decrease the pile to be eaten by having each child decide which candy they absolutely love and give away the candy they don’t really care for?  This is a great lesson by the way in teaching children (and adults) to choose their calories wisely rather than living by a complete deprivation diet that never works in the long run.  Everybody can anticipate these calories by eating a lighter throughout the weekend.

Just some thoughts to chew on.  If you feel so led, let us know what “get moving” games you came up with this weekend.  Everyone would love to hear your ideas!


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  1. Posted by jenny on October 30, 2010 at 2:23 pm

    Great post! We plan on doing some outdoor hiking in the mountains this weekend. Maybe even some ring around the rosies


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