“Where Do You Want to Be? Are You Headed There?”

That’s the title of the first chapter in the e-book “Tell Your Time: How to Manage Your Schedule So You Can Live Fulfilled” by Amy at Blogging With Amy.  You can find and purchase this book if you click on her logo here:

I am really impressed with this e-book.  I’ve read books, magazine, articles, and blogs and thought there was nothing fresh to say about the topic of time management.  I was wrong.

Remember the famous line from “Jerry McGuire”  when Renee Zelweger’s character says to Tom Cruise’s character, “You had me at hello”.  (And the tears of women across America flowed….but I digress.)

Amy had me in these two sentences in her introduction:

“Many time management techniques do a good job of helping you organize the activities you have in your life at this moment.  Few challenge you to think about whether or not you should be doing those activities in the first place.” (p.3)

I’ll wait a minute so you can chew on that.

Do you remember my post: “My Life Is A Jar of Rocks”?  I determined what those rocks would be by thinking about what was most important to me, what I would not regret having invested in at the end of my days. I turned them into tangible activities.

For example, my life goal is to have a wonderful friendship with my kids.  When I break that down, what does it look like in the day-to-day? 

It means I spend a half hour of face to face undistracted time with each of my kids most days of the week.  By the way, I don’t think that because one of my kids is a male and I am not that it isn’t important for him to get time with his female parent.  His one on one interactions with me will (with God’s help and grace) give him a picture of the wife he should look to marry one day.

  I try to make sure that we also get mommy/son dates in along with the day-to-day.  For us that usually means going to Starbucks once a month with a game in hand.  My plan is that as an adult, going to the coffee shop with Mom to play game will still seem cool to my son and continue to open up a forum for heart to heart conversation.  We will be friends by then. 

That is “where I want to be” and it is a chosen track that I think will get us “headed there” to friendship.

So how can you fit fitness into your life ?  How can you get yourself and your family on the way to healthy eating?  You can determine where you want your physical health to be at the end of your life and ask yourself if your schedule today is getting you there.  Let me paint a picture for you as you ponder this question.

When some thirty year old is playing with her kids on the playground and glances across the playground at you and your grandkids, which grandma do you want to be?  The one who is:

a)not there at all because you recently had a heart attack due to the hardening of your arteries over years of unhealthy eating

b) observing from your walker because one of your knees was replaced after years of strain and stress from carrying excess weight

c)a little slower than you once were but able to stand and push your grandchild on the swings or give them a chase around the playground by the “tickle monster” and not gasping for breath 

Did you notice I didn’t say “able to run a marathon in your bare feet”?

 Yes there are seniors who are remarkably fit, ( I hope I can be one of those) but that isn’t the goal here. 

The goal is to live the longest most fulfilled, active life you can and have a quick decline at the end of life.  (This is something Andrew Weill talks about in “Healthy Aging” which I will get to, I promise.)

Who wants to be the senior riding around on the electric wheelchair at Target if they don’t have to?  

I know “stuff happens” that can affect our health and limits us.  I am a case in point with my blown out cervical disks.  But whatever is in your power to influence, you should.  If you can’t change your habits for yourself, do it for God.  Think how long you could be serving God with a sound mind and body if you make a commitment to invest time in it now?

Are you counting on the future of our health care system to sew you back together?

So I leave you with these questions to mull over this weekend: “Where do you want to be and are you headed there?”

 See you next week!


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