What Works for Me …Thursday?

When Wednesday comes around in the blogosphere you will find the post title “Works for Me Wednesday” as the title of choice.  In summary it refers to something that blogger feels is helpful and proven that pertains to her typical subject matter.  If you are a food blogger, a great recipe.  If you are a grocery bill cutting expert, the latest resource that has been a godsend. 

A friend of mine and I had a meeting of the minds and decided that being a fitness and healthy eating blogger, I ought to share healthy food choices that have worked for me. 

I missed it by a day this week-but so what. 🙂

Tonight I will share something short and literally sweet.  And it actually comes from my neighbor.  It is a recipe for a protein fortified fruit smoothie.  We consume one of these every single day.  (We became tired of my yogurt protein smoothie so we are taking a little break.)  It works as a part of any meal or as a snack, particularly because I add rice protein to it.

Angela’s Awesome Smoothie

 Add the following to a blender:

1 cup of frozen berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries,etc. choose one or mix it up  Some Dollar Tree stores are selling bags of frozen organic fruit for $1, making this cheap and especially healthy) 

1 banana (if this isn’t on hand add more of another fruit)

1 1/2 cups of  orange juice

1 tablespoon of rice protein (I use Jarrow Formulas 1T has 11g of protein which helps slow down the blood sugar spike from the natural sugars in the fruit and juice)

optional: spinach (I have yet to try getting this past my kids)

Adjust these measurements to how many servings you need and how thick you like the shake.  Blend for a minute or two.  Serve with a straw.   My son says this makes it special.

This is so sweet the protein flavor is barely noticeable.  And this is coming from a mom of a picky eater.  He LOVES it.

Enjoy.  More recipes, snack ideas, etc. will come in the future -hopefully on Wednesdays!


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