What I Did to Exercise Today

Okay so I couldn’t come up with a spiffy title for this (suggestions will be much appreciated). 

The gist of what I would like to do on Thursdays is to give you a “day in the life” of how I fit exercise into my day.  So here goes…..

Planning for today’s exercise began last night. 

Three days a week I go to a local gym to do cardio and weight training.  The three days are “come hell or high water” in my book.  Even when I have a head cold I exercise.  The rule for this, as I’ve read over and over in fitness articles and magazines, is if the ailment is neck up, go ahead and do a workout albeit an easy one.  I’ve found that getting my body warmed up with a light workout along with plenty of fluids actually helps me feel better. 

If I have aches and pains from the neck down, I sit it out.  I might walk slowly around the cul-de-sac just to warm my achy muscles.  You won’t find me on the treadmill or pumping iron.  After many years of consistent exercise I have found that getting the blood flowing is a real plus when you are sick…perhaps because it gets oxygen and nutrients flowing and washes out toxins.  I’m not a scientist but that’s my best guess. 

In my mind though I have a fourth and usually fifth day of exercise that I still fit in some way, some how.  (In the summer I can easily get in a fifth day but it is much more challenging in the winter.)  Last night I was thinking about how I would fit in a workout today. 

Lately, because I have been trying to invest in this blog, I’ve been using time on the cardio machines to get in some reading.  People chuckle at me in the gym because they wonder how I can read and even highlight books as I am stair climbing, jogging, or doing intervals on the elliptical.  Truly it is by the grace of God that I don’t get motion sickness because otherwise it’s hard to get uninterrupted time to focus and process what I read.

Last night I knew I wanted to get in some reading because of the post I am planning to write tomorrow.  I needed some reading time so I knew that my exercise had to be on a machine rather than from a run  through the neighborhood.  After a quick call to my husband I knew there was an hour in his schedule that he would be home and available to keep an eye on the kids so I could slip out.

So in the morning I stayed as focused as possible through Bible study, my morning chores, homeschool instruction and lunch prep.  My eye was always on the hour after lunch, making sure that I got there. 

And I did.  I drove up to our clubhouse, which has a small fitness room, and read “French Women Don’t Get Fat” while the lady next to me watched Family Feud on the TV.  I ended with some stretches and was back home at the end of the hour to plan my grocery trip to Kroger in the late afternoon.

So there you have it.  One day in my journey of staying fit while running in my high heels.


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