Ironing Out Your Rocks-Your Time (Part 2)

Just a couple minutes ago I completed one of my big rocks: ironing.

“Really, Heather?  Ironing, is one of your big rocks?” you might be wondering to yourself.

Yes, actually it is.

A couple of months ago I was pondering new ways in which I could show love to my husband.  And believe it or not, ironing is one of the things I came up with.

My husband has to wear a white button down shirt to work.  Very sporadically over the years I have ironed some of those shirts.  Unfortunately for him, I despise ironing.  I had worked it out in my head that since he knows how to iron, “Why shouldn’t he iron his own shirts?  I’ve got enough to do around here (ever heard that train of thinking in your head my fellow high heel wearers?).

So back to a couple of months ago.  I was pondering some of the ways I had become self-centered over the years in regards to my marital relationship.  I wanted to choose something selfless and (to me) sacrificial that I could do to show love to Michael.  So ironing became one of my big rocks.

I bring this up today for two reasons:

1)  Here is a reminder to keep thinking about which rocks belong in your jar of life.  Have you decided yet?

2) Would you consider the most important relationships in your life as you determine what those rocks should be?  Sometimes the simplest things that you overlook over the months or years can have the most profound effects on the ones you love.  And aren’t those relationships the ones that bring true meaning to our lives?

Don’t forget: relational health is an integral part of your physical health.  Think about it.


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