An Oldie But a Goodie

Happy Labor Day weekend everybody!  Isn’t this just a beautiful September day?

Guess what I’ve been doing  today?  Good old-fashioned yard work!

So why am I mentioning it here?  Because sometimes, regarding exercise, we overlook the obvious.  Getting outdoors, breathing fresh air, getting a little vitamin D, and picking up a rake, shovel, clippers,etc is considered exercise.  It counts!  And not only that, you may use some muscles, especially those little ones that get overlooked when you do the same type of exercise day in and day out. 

Get outside and put a little variety into your exercise routine.  If you’ve done some yard work today you can consider that rock called “exercise” completed.  Your house (and maybe your neighbors) will thank you for it.

Happy Labor Day everybody!  (Now go chase your kids around the yard and burn some more calories.)


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